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I just found fantastic nude heels in River Island, they are very similar to Christian Louboutin studded pumps. So if you can’t afford to buy an original’s this would be great alternative.


River Island





A huge Florence Fashion Jurnal !!!


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After three weeks of amazing holidays it’s so hard to be back to work but of course not to blogging. We spend great time with family and friends in Tuscany followed by our wedding ( pics coming soon …). I want to share with you some snaps that my husband took ( I still can’t use to calling him “my husband” :-). Enjoy

One Lovely Blog Award


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Thank you to fantastic Sandra from for nominating purechoices to One Lovely Blog Award

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What I wore: 06082012


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Hi guys, you all probably realized by know that most of my clothes are from Zara.Let’s face it , their designs are similar to the projects, for example, Balmain, Chanel, etc. ,but they not killing our credit cards. Also materials they are using last quite long  for example I still have jackets that I bought 7 years ago.It’s doesn’t mean that absolutely everything in my closet it’s from there as I know that this is still quite expensive shop to buy from. That’s why when I shop I use few simple rules:

  1. never buy something that you “might ” wear – trust me your not
  2. can I mix and match it with something in my closet
  3. quality – is it going to last after few washes

Dress: Zara, Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: Zara, Watch:Certina DS Podium Square, Skull Earrings: Accessorize